Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The IB syllabus

Good day. After a silence of many months it seems a bit risky to start again with a piece of writing about the IB syllabus. Apologies. But for the 3 or 4 of you who want to know more; here it is. I have tried to put some examples of what it all means, in practice. IB THEATRE • We began a new syllabus in 2007. • There are a number of changes. • We investigate three areas: Theatre in the Making = how do I make a set design, costume, stage flat.....???? Theatre in Performance = come to my 10 minute show about Amnesty International on the roof. Theatre in the World = I am researching Mime performance in Paraguay. It is about witchcraft. Assessment is in four areas: External Assessment 1 Research Investigation : How does vaudeville entertain old folks in up-state New York? SL 1500-1750 words HL 2000-2500 words With supporting visual material 2 Practical Performance Proposal - I am making a play based on the painting of Hiroshige [see pic. above] IBO offers a variety of stimuli HL/SL 1000-1200 words Internal Assessment 3 Theatre Performance & Production Presentation - I am doing a mini TPPP ; 10 minute talk about my first three months. Oral presentation of the 2 years, with visuals SL 20 minutes HL 30 minutes 4 Independent Project Portfolio - I am devising a 20 minute play based on the first scene of Macbeth; now set in IZU. Investigating something not taught in class SL 2000 words HL 3000 words. SL = standard HL = higher

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