Tuesday, March 07, 2006

remembrance of things passed

To establish the final aide memoire I hereby state the following useful: notes, dates, scores, word counts and other things. RESEARCH COMMISSION HL : 2500 words SL : 1750 words. You can be under/over by 10%; certainly NO more. Focus = an unfamiliar THEATRE TRADITION Advise and suggest : Yes. Tell and order = NO. INDIVIDUAL PROJECT [HL ONLY] Approximately 1500 words [ this is not included in the Portfolio count ] PORTFOLIO HL : 4500 words SL : 3000 words [ of your own words; does not include bibliography, extensive quotes, play text etc.,] You can be under/over by 10%; certainly NO more. TIMETABLE Monday 13th March : final theorist S.Meisner Wed 15th March : last class. Reviewing all work, sharing problems, FAQs, Monday 3rd April : HAND IT ALL IN. Wed 5th April : Final corrections, form filling, signing that it is your own work. ARMS and the MAN There are a sample of photos on the PIT LOBBY IB Board. Put your initial beside ones you want for Portfolio. I will then make copies for 15th March.

Friday, March 03, 2006

The Awa Village Stage: Tokushima

From the Edo Period and through the Meiji period, villagers participated in performances working together to make things up as the play progressed. A village stage was maintained in all the villages. In the grove of the compound of the village shrine the stage was built to be well concealed. With its simple appearance the village stage reveals an atmosphere that can’t be found in modern urban theatre. The annual events that were held would be compromised of the puppet show and the ballad drama singing and dancing. This would smooth the way for an amateur dramatic performance, along with these events everyone would congregate in a banquet hall for a feast and thus allowing different people to fulfill various roles in the social life of the village. This was the tradition of the village. But is it what we term a Theatre tradition? Are there a set of rules handed down?