Sunday, August 21, 2005

opening statement

Dear Tarts Being Theatre Arts people what better way to be called. Please use this blog to talk to all theatre people about the current work: the play. Or any other comments about curent work: home work, research, plays seen and work delayed. Try and keep your comments stored separately. They are all relevant and can be used again in your PORTFOLIO. I am going to inform all TEACHERS that we are the first department to introduce a DEPT BLOG at YIS., They may look into it. So - it goes without saying - but I will say it. Whatever you write here will be read by the WORLD. Please use it. Please refrain from rudeness and profanity. Without you the BLOG is nothing. If it goes well I will publicise it more widely in the IB world. Isn't it good that no one else has got this blog name ? Comments and suggestion to me the moderator. tim evans head