Thursday, March 24, 2011

The uninhabited man

Life is routine with moments of serendipity and coincidence. One of my IB classes is working on a version of Goldilocks. I have asked them to fuse Kyogen and Butoh. Which makes the lovely word: Kyo-Toh. They grapple with the forms of each and decide which to use. Beautifully sliding feet and ugly gazes. Moments of stillness and frenzy. Later that day I drive home and press CD. Richard Thompson is singing The Uninhabited Man; one of my favourites. [title link above] As people drive badly around me I am soothed by Richard. Then I hear his chorus. 'Whose been sleeping in my bed...' and I smile at the happy collisions and coincidence. The IBO asks us to synthesise and make connections. Is it 6 degrees of separation? The next day the class lie on the floor and listen to, 'who's been sitting in my chair...' Today it happens again. An ex colleague and chum is flying into the island from Japan. He does not know that I have had an e-mail about a student transferring from Japan to Phuket. The tsunami of course. My old student may become my new new student. Connections. What next today? One of my present students is called Storm. She is Australian and African. I have a feeling I am going to walk through a deluge of rain this evening, past a bar called Gale, and meet a man from Ghana who knows Wole Soyinka but has never heard of Richard Thompson. Life is routine with moments of.....

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