Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tina! meets Comus

I FELL in love with a band 30 years ago. Comus.  They were unlike anything I had ever heard.  I saw them 5 times in London.  Then they disappeared.  Over the years I caught scraps of news about them but no sighting.  They were another lost band. Dead.
Out of the Scandinavian mists this year came a festival called Meloboat 08.  And Comus were going to play.  I could NOT believe it.  Impossible. They did though.  It is on YouTube. 
MySpace too. Click the title.  Suddenly they are alive again. You can hear them in a third way.  We have chosen their music to be in Tina! the play about Faust.  They are both dark and scary.   It is wonderful that people have waited and discovered them these last 30 years.  Enjoy.

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