Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Remain Standing

Before I came to live in Japan I lived in Malaysia. It allowed me to do a lot of theatre. The main product of this was a Trilogy of plays which I called, 'Bending towards the East'. The photo shows four of the women in the first play, 'Remain Standing'. It was a great success and sold out for three weeks. Last week I read parts of it to a Japanese audience and it lived again. I will say more about its origins and outcomes in the next entry.


Chise said...

fascinating play...i remember after reading it, thinking, "it's odd that you see your teachers as teachers in your daily life, then suddenly one piece of material can open up your horizons to which you view them by"

Pit master said...

Ah. Thank you Chise. You have inpsired me to update this, add to it and sort out FaceBook too. Blessings shower down upon you.