Tuesday, March 07, 2006

remembrance of things passed

To establish the final aide memoire I hereby state the following useful: notes, dates, scores, word counts and other things. RESEARCH COMMISSION HL : 2500 words SL : 1750 words. You can be under/over by 10%; certainly NO more. Focus = an unfamiliar THEATRE TRADITION Advise and suggest : Yes. Tell and order = NO. INDIVIDUAL PROJECT [HL ONLY] Approximately 1500 words [ this is not included in the Portfolio count ] PORTFOLIO HL : 4500 words SL : 3000 words [ of your own words; does not include bibliography, extensive quotes, play text etc.,] You can be under/over by 10%; certainly NO more. TIMETABLE Monday 13th March : final theorist S.Meisner Wed 15th March : last class. Reviewing all work, sharing problems, FAQs, Monday 3rd April : HAND IT ALL IN. Wed 5th April : Final corrections, form filling, signing that it is your own work. ARMS and the MAN There are a sample of photos on the PIT LOBBY IB Board. Put your initial beside ones you want for Portfolio. I will then make copies for 15th March.

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