Sunday, January 08, 2006

Letter: Dear Daisy, Thank you for agreeing to help me with the play, in particular the costumes and masks/makeup. The play, At the Hawks Well is an Irish play however it lends itself very clearly to the Japanese theatre tradition of Noh. However I don’t know very much about this tradition, hence contacting you as you are conveniently based in Japan. Having seen pictures of traditional Japanese dress I would very much like to incorporate that aspect and the use of masks into my production. However I know very little about the significance of specific styles of Japanese dress. In terms of the masks I would like them to be less intrusive than some of the traditional masks, perhaps even taking the design from the masks and turning it into a makeup design. After designing the make up and costume I will also need help with other aspects regarding Noh theatre, for example movement of characters, stage structure and song. Thank you for your help. Yours sincerely, i havent decided on a name yet but i will think of something clever envenshually, more to the point - is this good enough or should it be longer - cus its not in the wordcount ne, so it could be more informative. also i cant find much about the play at the hawks well itself but i have found loads on it being like noh and naturally lots on Noh and blah blah blah is this due tomorow>? i feel like it is.. but im not sure. oh ib is so confusing.


Pit master said...

Daisy chan, I have been unwell. I will respond to your confusions tomorrow. Promise.

Pit master said...

Firstly, this appears a good site to trawl : Lots of discussion, debate and clicks to other relevant areas.

I think the director who is writing to you must state exactly where her version is being staged and in what style. Is it remaining in the West or is she bringing it to Japan in No style?

It is a play that has inspired many: an Opera and art installations for starters:

What you need is the text. And then decide what your angle is on this. Its got to centre around NO. Thus you might ask: what are the main conventions of NO that I will place in this irish dance play? Is it the movement? Is it the MASK? Is it the music? Is it the philosophy behind it? Or all of these?

As of Sunday night I have not found the text.

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