Thursday, December 08, 2005


Monday was a strange lesson at first. It's like hosting a party. The host must get the atmosphere right. And the guests must suspend some of their disbelief. You may find echoes of this in a hilarious play called "Abigail's Party" by Mike Leigh. Excrutiating things happen at a party in the UK. Look for the script and video. Tonight there are Koto performances in the nearby temple; below St.Maur. Today I have increased my blog experience and added some LINKS. Look right and click why don't you? And to the future: make 25th January BUTOH DAY at YIS. Dairakudakan are coming! Now why isn't their name on the LINKS? Bear with me. Or is it bare with me? English speakers please advise! In my next blog I am considering publishing the names of late-givers; written work. Let the world decide.

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